I believe that your baby deserves only the safest, non-toxic materials, made from Organic Cotton and Eco-Friendly and sustainable Natural Bamboo.


I love to support local companies, while keeping my ecological footprint small, so I try to purchase all of my materials from local companies within Canada and the United States.



Our Passion 



Why Organic?

The Scary Truth.

Several studies state that a over 1/3rd pound of pesticides are used in the production of a single cotton t-shirt. Cotton itself contains upwards of 7 known carcinogenetic pesticides... How is that legal?  


The textile industry is very hard on the eco system, expelling millions of toxins into our water systems every year. Not only is Organic Cotton free from all those yucky pesticides but it is also much kinder towards our environment.


I know that you only want the very best for your baby, so when it came to creating my line of baby items, using only Organic Cotton was a must!


If you would like to learn more about the benefits of Organic cotton I suggest you visit The Organic Trade Association: www.ota.com/organic/environment/cotton_enviroment.html